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DUHD EXCLUSIVE: New Puppet Master MiniFigure Line From (Big Man Toys)

Big Man Toys

The DUHD crew are very excited to bring you the exclusive first look at Big Man Toys new Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys minifigure line, which we absolutely love what we’re seeing this far. Lee Burbridge is a professional wrestler turned horror creative genius, just take a look and you’ll see a true talented person with so much love for our favourite genre. Keep on reading for more information of his time as a professional wrestler, Lee Burbridge himself, and of course his one-of-a-kind Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys prototypes!

Can you tell us about Big Man Toys, and how long have you been making figures?

“I’ve been making toys hardcore for about 4-5 years. I learned how to make molds and basic sculpting around 2007, and jumped into toys with my first Bigmantoys release shortly after I quit wrestling, in 2012.”

Big Man Toys 2

How long did your wrestling career last before you started Big Man Toys?

“I wrestled for 18 months in Japan, starting in 2009 (at a professional level – I dabbled a lot for years before but didn’t take it seriously). I then wrestled for one year professionally in the UK and quit. I was too broke all the time and in all honesty, didn’t have the love you need for the craft of it to do a good enough job. I could have plodded along getting UK bookings because it’s easy, and was connected enough to get bookings in Japan if I’d wanted, but didn’t want to stink up the scene as a mediocre wrestler.”

Big Man Toys 1

How did you come up with the name Big Man Toys?

“I came up with the name Bigmantoys when cutting a promo for my first resin toy line, Battlegaze. I didn’t plan to keep doing it or sell anything at that point so the name didn’t seem important. Battlegaze figures have huge penises so there’s the name! Plus it was kind of a commentary on machismo in general.”

Big man Toys 3

What was your first toy creation?

“I think Treegarr was the first straight up monster I made into a toy. I was 32. Before that, it was all wrestlers and Roman Soliders.”

Big Man Toys 4

What were some of the movies that sparked your interest with horror?

“My first horror film was Gremlins. We got our first VCR. A yellow plastic top-loader with a pirate copy of Gremlins included. Must have been 1987 or so. I hated it. I’d never seen little creatures being minced and microwaved before and was only seven so thought it was all quite out of order. Once I understood they were made of latex and it was just a story, I loved it. My mum’s friend worked down the local video shop and let me rent whatever I wanted so I got right on the 18-certs. My second horror was probably Jaws, Dolls, or Puppet Master 1.”

Puppet Master 4 5

Who were some of the most inspirational people that you have met?

“I kind of got to meet my heroes when I wrestled with them in Japan, and they all lived up to my expectations. All the guys that were in FMW, Yuko Miyamoto and Shinobu all treated me like family. Since then, it’s hard to idolise anyone, although I respect many. I cried when Dave Brockie died which I’ve never done about a celeb before. All the guys working on GWAR – the Slave Pit website is a constant inspiration. Don’t know if I’d like them if I met them but I get a lot of energy from Steve Wang, Sabu (met him, liked him), Jackie Chan, Danzig, and Charles Band. Toy-world wise – everyone who creates original work or amazing sculpting.”

If you guys want to order the new line of Puppet Master minifigures, go to Big Man Toys official website on 20th of May at midnight to score yours. We’ll have more information and other cool stuff coming from Lee very soon.

And keep a look out for another full video interview with Lee Burbridge in the future.

Lee Burbridge